Dream Aquamarine

Sea Songs and Dreamscapes

Spindrifter Encounter 2015


by Spindrifter

Album Notes
Sara Adeline Mazzolini writes the song lyrics, sings her songs and plays the synthesizer.
The songs were recorded by Sara Mazzolini in Marseille, copyright France 2015.
Genre : Synthpop, Europop & Dream pop
Label : Metaluna
The pictures were taken by Sara Mazzolini and Monique Lauvergne in France.
You can buy the CD online. Browse Sara's songs at CD Baby Store!

Spindrifter New Music 2015

The portrait shows Sara Adeline Mazzolini in France 2015. The photograph was taken by Sara Mazzolini in Marseille.

Sara added the ripple effect to the picture. Have a look at my new gallery!

                                                                                                                                            Spindrifter Pulse 2014

 Portrait showing Sara Adeline Mazzolini standing by Rambouillet Lake in August 2014.

Spindrifter's Pulse is the new album. The songs, voice and music were created by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2014.

It was released in November 2014. You can listen to Sara's songs and download the tracks online.

You can buy the album at CD Baby Music Store.

Spindrifter: Pulse



Spindrifter - Starseeds - 2013 


Scatter starseeds across the sky!

Listen to Spindrifter's new song!

Buy it at CD Baby!

Check it out!



                                                                                                                   Sea Waves                                                  


Spindrifter - Sea Waves - 2013

New Album NOW OUT!

Buy the songs at CD Baby.

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Music Store: 11 Tracks


Spindrifter sets out on a journey to explore dreamscapes.

In Sea Waves, the dreamer drowns in sound waves.

The listener swims in the sea of sound.

The singer twitters to the birds in flight.

Sara Adeline Mazzolini is the songwriter, singer and composer of the album.

Sara Mazzolini also created video clips, animation films and posted the song lyrics on screen.

Spindrifter's avatars live in the virtual world. The characters sing, dance and have fun together.

They all meet unexpected creatures in the new galaxies of music.

~ Sara Adeline Mazzolini

copyright 2013



                                                                                                 Music Store

Spindrifter: Sea Waves

Spindrifter: Sea Waves

Spindrifter: Sea Waves

Spindrifter: Sea Waves
Spindrifter: Sea Waves

Spindrifter: Sea Waves

Spindrifter: Sea Waves

                                                                                                Video Fun

Les vidéos de Sara Mazzolini sur Dailymotion


 Les vidéos de Sara Mazzolini sur Dailymotion


Les vidéos de Sara Mazzolini sur Dailymotion



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